Coaching to create positive change

Life coaching empowers you to create positive change in your personal life. The coaching process focuses your attention on those areas of your life where you may be facing challenges, and aims to create solutions in the short to medium-term.

You can also think of coaching as a support system to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Clients come to life coaching for a variety of reasons. These are some of the most frequent:

- I want to experience less stress and more harmony in my life.
- How do I get clear about what my life priorities are?
- I have several different talents. How do I manage and integrate them?
- How can I motivate myself to achieve my goals?
- I'd like to create more quality time for myself.
- What techniques can I use to become more focused?
- How can I express more of my creativity?

Whatever it is you want to change, or to achieve, there are going to be certain steps involved. You will discover new choices, decisions and actions that will lead to a shift, both in your mindset and your circumstances. Working with a coach, you greatly increase your chances of success. Change becomes less of an effort, and more of an adventure.

What's my role as your coach?

As your coach, I help you to get clear about what you wish to change. I support you in directing all your resources towards what you want to achieve. I encourage you to follow up your intentions with action.

I also help you stay focused and motivated while you implement those new choices, decisions and actions. Think of your coach as an accountability partner, someone who makes sure you keep the commitments you make to yourself.

You are more capable than you may realise. You already have the resources you need to achieve your goals. As your coach, I simply help you to access them.

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