Let's talk about change

You'd like to change something about your life. It may be something you're very sure about, a personal goal you've decided you want to reach. It may also be something more vague - a feeling or intuition, a kind of quiet knowing that what you're doing doesn't really fit you any more.

So, once you're clear that you'd like to make some changes, what's next?

For many people, what's next is more of the same. The change they desire does not happen. Why? Because it can be difficult to find the motivation to keep asking new questions and taking new actions, to keep trying new solutions. Honestly, creating change is often an uphill struggle. Unless, that is, you have a coach.

Coaching is an effective way to manage changes in your life. A coach can help you to get clear about what you want to change. A coach supports you in focusing all available resources on achieving your goals. Your coach also encourages you to follow up your intentions with action.

Working with a coach, you increase your chances of success in any field. Change becomes less of an effort, and more of an adventure.

How a coach can help you

Whatever it is you want to change, there are going to be certain steps involved. There are new choices, decisions and actions you are going to discover that will lead to a shift, both in your mindset and your experience of life.

Your coach helps you stay focused and motivated while you experiment with those new choices, decisions and actions. S/he will also be able to support you with tools and ideas for successfully managing your process of change. Think of your coach as an accountability partner, someone who makes sure you keep the commitments you make to yourself.

Since you're reading this webpage, maybe I'm the ideal person to work with you as your coach. Feel free to contact me for an introductory conversation.

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