Be open to change, and develop new perspectives with coaching

Coaching is a way to effectively manage challenges and changes in both your professional and personal life. I offer an intuitively structured self-development process, tailored to individual client requirements.

The coaching process can help to:

- develop new perspectives
- establish clear goals and create a path to achieving them
- increase self-awareness and confidence
- improve work/life balance
- recognise and change unhelpful ways of thinking
- enhance creativity and intuition
- discover and integrate untapped personal resources

Please visit the linked pages to learn more about life coaching and business coaching services, or contact me for a no-cost, introductory conversation. Coaching is available in person and via skype, in English and in German.

Marketing Consultancy & Copywriting

Alongside my coaching practice, I am an experienced copywriter and consultant. My speciality is advertising and marketing communication.

I provide insights and strategic advice for marketing your product or service. I support clients in creating or improving text for a website, social media profile, e-book project, pitch or presentation, e-mail campaign to subscribers and other materials.

Read more about copywriting and consultancy services here.