Hello, my name is Julian. I’m a Life Coach.

Do you have a couple of minutes to think about change?

I'm guessing you have a bunch of things you’d like to change about your life.

Things you want to start doing, things you'd prefer to stop doing, things you'd like to do differently…

How good are you at making those changes happen?

Do you find it easy to stay motivated, and to keep focused on your goals?

Do you wish you could be clearer about what you want?

Maybe coaching would be helpful for you.

Coaching is an effective way to manage changes in your life.

The coaching process can:

- reveal new perspectives
- establish goals and create a path to achieve them
- increase self-awareness and confidence
- improve work-life balance
- recognise and change unhelpful ways of thinking
- enhance creativity and intuition
- energise and integrate personal resources

Read more about my life coaching services, or contact me for an introductory conversation.

Looking forward to talk soon.